Unique gifts help make the holiday season fun and memorable

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Unique gifts help make the holiday season fun and memorable

Life is more interesting when things get a little unusual, and the same is true for the holidays. While everyone else is busy snatching up the latest electronic games and singing along to their favorite Christmas song for the 1000th time, don’t blend into the crowd. You can stand out in a good way and show your favorite oddballs that you love their silly, wacky sides just as much, by gifting a few totally fun and surprisingly useful, weird gifts this season. Here’s some fun gift ideas to consider.

Relaxing Maxsoft hair scalp massager. This massager stimulates blood flow to the scalp and can help give oil glands a much-needed boost, which is especially good for those who struggle with dry skin or dandruff. It even helps strengthen roots and clean hard-to-reach areas.

Smart Sheep wool dryer balls. The bigger a family gets, the more laundry there is to do. Wool dryer balls can help cut down on the drying time and save money, as they are good for up to 1,000 loads. Made from organic wool, these chemical and synthetic-free wool dryer balls are also gentle on sensitive skin and great for natural fabric softening.

Dual foot roller. Is someone you love constantly standing and shifting around all day? Chances are, their feet are aching like crazy after a long shift, and the perfect gift is a five-star rated dual foot roller. Designed with hard wooden knobs that will press into skin and help loosen up tight knots, this odd-looking thing may be a bit intimidating, but more than 5,000 Amazon shoppers say it can work wonders for someone with plantar fasciitis, foot arch and heel pain.

Toolbox in your wallet. Gadget nerds can be tough to shop for because it feels they have almost everything they need already. But one thing they probably don’t have yet is a Wallet Ninja, a steel, credit card-shaped instrument that’s like getting to carry an entire toolbox worth of stuff in their pocket or wallet. Featuring 18 tools in one slim profile, this five-star rated multitool might raise some eyebrows, but carpenters and mechanics swear by it. It fits right in your wallet, and the best part about it is the box cutter.

Body pillow. Being single in quarantine? This truly sucks. But if you’re gift shopping for someone special who also is feeling a little down, the cult-favorite Boyfriend Pillow might be just the thing to get them chuckling through the season. Made from polyester, this clever spin on the traditional husband pillow features a pillowcase that looks like a button-down shirt and one “arm” makes it perfect for snuggling. It’s wonderfully wacky, but who cares.

Bear Paws meat shredding claws. Whether it’s pulled pork or chicken thighs, no succulent meats stand a chance against the power of these ridiculous-looking shredder claws. Give your giftee the chance to unleash their wild side and make short work of their next big barbeque in the process with these claws. Using these shredding claws, you can easily shred around 40 pounds of thighs in about 45 minutes. These claws are so sharp and useful that it takes less than half the usual time.

Rubaway stainless steel rub away bar. This stainless steel bar looks like soap, but it is definitely not. It helps make stinky smells disappear, so people don’t have to walk around with onion fingers or garlic hands all day. It really works. Garlic, onion, fish, and other smells disappear like magic. This handy kitchen tool makes a great gift for chefs or anyone who does a lot of prep work in the kitchen.

LadyKin cream made from snail ooze. The next big beauty thing? It’s snails. More specifically, it’s snail slime. If you thought putting icky snail goo all over your face makes your skin crawl, then you are not alone. Even so, this K-beauty ingredient is all the rage right now. There are hundreds of snail slime extract creams and masks out there, but the one from LadyKin is getting great reviews. Aside from the adorable packaging, it leaves your skin feeling smooth and hydrated, and a little goes a long way.

No-tie shoelaces. Transform virtually any pair of sneakers into a pair of comfy slip-ons. Ideal for seniors, those with mobility issues, little ones, or even just folks who feel like they go slightly batty every time a shoelace comes undone, these elastic Lock Laces are incredibly stretchy and come in a range of colors, so they can coordinate with most looks.

Doggie chew toys. These clever drink-inspired pet toys from the Haute Diggity Dog Muttini Collection include LickCroix Pamplemutt Flavor, Barkweiser, White Paw Muttlennial Mango and a few other choices. One part parody, one part invitation to happy hour, these are a super-cute gift idea for the canine lover in your life and their four-legged companion will enjoy it just as much.