Six Ways to Declutter Your Kitchen for Efficiency and a Better Look

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Six Ways to Declutter Your Kitchen for Efficiency and a Better Look

Following are six easy ways to declutter your kitchen, especially with the holidays just around the corner.

Papers: Takeout menus, appliance manuals, kids’ drawings, and old shopping lists can clutter up drawerfuls of space. Most never get looked at and are easier to access online.

Cookbooks: Ones you use for only one recipe (or not at all) aren’t worth the space they take up. Photocopy the recipe, put it in a ring binder, and donate the book(s), along with other cookbooks you never use.

Foods you should no longer eat: Check expiration dates of foods you don’t often use sitting on pantry shelves or in your refrigerator. Examples are spices, baking supplies, teas, canned goods, and special condiments. Throw out the contents of expired items and recycle the containers.

Mugs: Look at that shelf of mugs you’ve accumulated as souvenirs, gifts, and impulse buys. Chuck any you don’t use. If it’s a souvenir with sentimental value, display it on a shelf or pack them away in the basement or garage.

Kitchen gadgets: Special culinary tools (that never worked anyway) you gifted or bought on a whim but no longer use should be thrown out.

Takeout containers: If you’ve saved these for storage, check how many you actually use and discard the ones you don’t need.