Fall Home Maintenance Checklist: Part Four

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Fall Home Maintenance Checklist: Part Four

Depending on what part of the country you live in, you may not need to pack up that hammock as Autumn rolls in. But once the leaves begin to fall and the air begins to cool, it’s time to begin preparing for colder weather. Here are some tips to help you stay ahead of the curve so you can be worry-free as Fall’s cooler climate comes to town.

Schedule heating system maintenance. Unless you’re an HVAC professional, you’re better off leaving this one to the techs. Get ahead of the curve and schedule a maintenance visit.

Rake leaves. Unraked leaves and debris can keep the sunlight from reaching your grass, inhibiting growth for next spring, and providing a fertile ground for harmful mold to grow.

Seal cracks in your windows and doors. Keep the cold air out when fall and winter temperatures drop. Check the caulk around your windows and invest in door stoppers to keep your home warm and toasty.

Check your pipe insulation. A frozen pipe can lead to a disaster if it’s not cared for immediately. Prevent your pipes from freezing in the first place by insulating them and keeping your home’s temperatures up.

Drain and turn off sprinklers. If your home’s sprinklers freeze, they’re likely to break. Save yourself a trip to the hardware store by draining and storing them in a warmer area for the colder months.

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